Our Torah scroll handles are a work of combinations.
They combine holiness and art, beauty and Mitzvah, and fine raw materials with a precise finish.

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Customer recommendations

We invested great effort and resources in the Torah scroll we contributed in memory of our father. In ‘Silver Tree’ we received attention to all our design requirements, resulting in a finished product of unparalleled beauty and quality far superior to that usually found in the marketplace. Also, the fast and professional service added to the overall impression of a magnificent and prestigious Torah scroll.

The Levy family
Hod Hasharon

As the Gabay of a synagogue, I know how to appreciate the quality of Judaica products connected to Torah scrolls. While working with Yonah Iiuz, I met an artist with golden hands and realized that the new Torah scroll in our synagogue would have high quality, strong handles, all without spoiling its splendor. The combination of Swarovski stones inside the wood made the entire Holy Ark glow and shine.

Gabay of a Synagogue
Central Israel

Professionalism and innovation above all!

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