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Torah scroll covers

Crowns and Pointers


SKU: 208

Reflective decoration on application with crown

SKU: 223

Avinu Malkeinu on a background of a wave effect

SKU: 222

Reflective decoration – gray

SKU: 224

Shiviti gate decorated with crown

SKU: 214

VeAsu Li Mikdash with Temple

SKU: 217

Vilna gate with flooring

SKU: 212

שער שיויתי מעוטר עם אפליקציה אדומה

SKU: 213

Crown on embroidered circles

SKU: 220

Silver corners decorated with a crown

SKU: 209

Ze HaShaג€™ar with decorated pillars

SKU: 221


SKU: 216

Crown on embroidered rhombi

SKU: 215

Square 3D gate

SKU: 210

Crown on embroidered circles

SKU: 219

Vilna gate with flooring

SKU: 211

Square frame with square corners and crown

SKU: 218

Floral Gate

SKU: 207

David’s Gate

SKU: 204

Stone tablets with lions on pillars

SKU: 203

Decorated curtain gate

SKU: 205

Tablets of Stone with crown and decorations

SKU: 201

Vilna Gate

SKU: 206

Decorated square frame

SKU: 207

Gold gate and Star of David

SKU: 202