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What exactly is the “silver tree”?
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An interesting and flattering article with Yona Illuz on the popular COL website

Reb Yonah Iluz from Kfar Chabad was drawn to wood art from an early age
Years later, Yona turned his hobby into a business in the form of a workshop that produces beautiful and artistic Torah scroll handles

Lathe, sanding machine, unique and varied types of wood, a selection of coats, crowns and fingers and in short everything for a Torah scroll!

You are invited for a short and interesting visit to the ‘Silver Tree’ Torah scroll handles workshop in Kfar Chabad.

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“It’s Kelly and Anuhu” A powerful and exclusive interview on the Friday program in Tucker by interviewer Menachem Tucker at the network studios – Channel 13 with Yona Illuz on “Tree of Life” for Torah scrolls

‘Betzalel’ of the Torah scroll handles An article in ‘Sichat HaShavua’

Iluz (32), born in Jerusalem, is engaged in the production of trees of life for Torah scrolls. The love for the profession, he says, he absorbed from an early age: “Dad had a small carpentry shop in the Mea Shearim neighborhood. During the holidays I would spend time in a carpentry shop, play with wood, try to build charity funds, build and dismantle.” His parents bought him carpentry kits, and since then the hobby has deepened.
The experience he gained in working in wood brought him, during his service in the Torah scroll lab, along with the corrections of Sefer Satam, a profession he studied at the yeshiva.

Meet the expert in creating trees of life for Torah scrolls An article in the consumer section of the Walla website

Artistic and beautiful trees of life for Torah scrolls have in recent years become a strong trend in traditional culture. Meet Yona Iluz, the owner of “The Silver Tree” who turned his hobby into a profession