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Wood with silver decorations

Silver combined with wood

silver and gold

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Epoxy and the special ones

Gold-plated silver applied to transparent Plexiglas

SKU: k30

Silver platted flower pattern combined with gold Torah scrolls

SKU: d32

Wood craved platted solid silver in blue color

SKU: a70

Antique olive wood combined with brown epoxy and silver casting inlaid a silver crown

SKU: z01

925 silver filigree work applied to transparent Plexiglas

SKU: f31

Hammered silver Torah scroll handles

SKU: a60b60

Solid silver with diamond engraving artwork and a small gold crown

SKU: A35B35

Solid silver and pure gold with flower decorations

SKU: A31B31

Solid silver with blackened decorations

SKU: A14B14

Antique wood combined with silver

SKU: A29B29